Reflexology masseurs claim guard health problems!

September 20, 2008

Reflexology guard against health problems

Reflexology guard against health problems

Reflexology masseurs claim:

Not feeling well? Maybe the answer to what ails you is right at your feet. For centuries the Chinese have claimed to know what’s wrong by simply applying pressure to the hands and feet.

Reflexology masseurs claim guard against health problems

Now a massage technique called reflexology is using similar principles. The folks at Perfect Day Spa in Santa Clara, California say reflexology can warn you of more serious problems. There are 104 points on the bottom of your feet that represent specific parts of your body. It can hurt, especially if you never it done before.

Ray Ruiz gets reflexology once a month. “If you have something going on with a particular organ you’ll feel a higher level of sensitivity,” he said.

The masseuse watches the customer’s face and if he senses pain or if the customer says ow, it’s an indication that something may need to be checked out.

Those who work at Perfect Day Spa will be the first ones to say they are not doctors, but rather they serve as warning signs to check out potential medical problems before they get worse.



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